2018 4Life Malaysian Convention

On 11/9 – 11/11/2018, the 4Life Malaysian Convention was held! Here’s what our Team Bond International leaders have to say about it:


It was a 1000+ dinner gala convention! There was an elite recognition luncheon, where the majority of our Team Bond members received awards. They were wonderful events. On Friday, we had a dinner with Steve Apple, Cher Lyn (general manager), and Lim Bee Hoon, our top Team Bond Malaysia leader. We had a lot of social interactions and talks for our business in Malaysia. Saturday, November 10th, was the main day for the convention’s lunch and dinner events that were stated previously. On Sunday, November 11th, a Team Bond International Seminar was held at the 4Life office. About 60 of the top leaders attended. – Dr. Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond



OUR NEWEST UP AND COMING SUPER STARS!!! TEAM BOND MALAYSIA!!! We have all watched Malaysia come into the 4Life market and grow significantly, but now it has become very personal, because Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun Khyeam have hit Malaysia by storm (as they do wherever they go!), and TEAM BOND MALAYSIA IS MAKING THEIR MARK. We welcome all of you and are so honored you are on our team! During this years convention in their country, we were honored to have 90% of the leaders on stage being from Team Bond Malaysia!! Wow!


You can check out some of our other posts to see become familiar with these leaders. Congratulations to Gan Tien Boon and Loh Yang Bee for reaching the International status and building a significant team! We are so happy with your success! Also, the amazing results of LIM BEE HOON, achieving International Diamond in only one month!!! Followed by creating a very strong team and achieving very high volumes so early in her career! It won’t be long before we will all be watching her achieve Gold.

We are excited and so proud of you. Asia has been the primary market for all of Team Bond and we are thrilled to have Malaysia as a major player for us. You can count on Team Bond being here for all of you. We love you!!!- Bonnie Taylor, Platinum International Diamond


Here are some of the many distributors that attended: Dr. Jase Khyeam (PID), Dr. Jinsun Khyeam (PID), Agung Dwija Saputra (GID), Lim Bee Hoon (ID), Lim Bee Kean (PD), Gan Tien Boon (ID), Loh Yang Bee (ID), Margaret Chia Soo Mei (PD),  Maggie Loh Mei Chyi (PD), Jack Loo (PD), Goo Pei Shoo, Chuah Yih Tan (PD), Gigi Ng Ai Ling (PD), Winnie Lu Su Hee (PD), Loo Yoke Kuan (PD), Liz Teh (EQD), Lamb Law (EQD), Reinee Tee Mei Mei (EQD), Albert Foo Yong Song (EQD), Yow Chian Chian (EQD), Fong Seow Kai Chuan (EQD), Loh Yang Hwei (EQD), Chua Yih Tan (EQD), Lim Kok Chuan (EQD), Catherine Voo (EQD), Peggy Vong (EQD), and Phay Chong (EQD).