2011 HSAB Symposium

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 20, 2011) The 4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) recently gathered in Asheville, North Carolina for an annual symposium at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa.

The HSAB is a professional board of medical professionals, immunologists, nutritionists, and researchers dedicated to the continued advancement of transfer factor science. The team convened to review new product formulations, share updates on 4Life Transfer Factor® research, and strategize for scientific announcements that will be made at 4Life’s international convention in April 2012.

This year’s attending HSAB members included: Chief Scientific Officer and HSAB Chairman Calvin McCausland, PhD; Rob Robertson, Jr. MD; Richard Bennett, PhD; Duane Townsend, MD, FACOG; Suzette Lawrence, MSN; Edgar Guess Jr. MD, FACOG; Teresa Tomalska, MD; Director of Health Information Services Brent Vaughan, MS, RD; Research Scientist Shane Lefler, MS, and Barbara Olsen, R&D Office Manager, was also onsite for the event.

During the symposium, Research Scientist Shane M. Lefler, MS, was recognized as the newest member of the HSAB.

HSAB members also spent time touring downtown Asheville and the Biltmore Estate, the historic 8,000 acre estate of George and Edith Vanderbilt.

Chief Scientific Officer and HSAB Chairman Calvin McCausland: “The members of the 4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board are doing work in the transfer factor sciences that isn’t being done anywhere else in the world.”

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