2005 Operation Team Bond – Humanitarian Contributions




Now that TEAM BOND INTERNATIONAL is a successful, established organization that is growing stronger everyday, it is time to pay forward our success by helping others in need.

This is what we did in December 2005.

The World experienced many tragedies in 2005 and they continue in 2006. Knowing this, we have decided to make a difference with OPERATION TEAM BOND!

With our donation of over $30,000 toward Tsunami relief, it became obvious in out travels that we had the ability to make a difference.

The Pictures shown here are of the Christmas Holiday meal we provided to an ENTIRE Village of AMAZING,..SELFLESS people. They show no greed and their hearts are filled with kindness.

Even though the world’s problems are great, we are taking small steps toward a place greater than ourselves with OPERATION TEAM BOND!

One meal is only the beginning…

Soon one meal will turn into two meals…

And then three…

As we work together, we can make the word “hunger” to be no more.

The effects of what we do will last this generation and those to come.