Mr. Seiichi Yamashiro – Diamond

Mr. Seiichi Yamashiro


I remember the day I took TF for the first time and I was so impressed like yesterday.  I thought it was a gift from God.  Warm words from my upline also moved my heart to start 4life business.  This is a business which you can become independent financially and receive gratitude from others….  I have read this quote in a book before, “People are young with hopes.  People are older with disappointments.“  I believe 4Life products and business are full with hopes.  The difference between people who get sick easily and people who don’t get sick is the difference of immune power.  The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is determination and action.  In Chinese character, we combine two Chinese characters for “Believe” and “People” to make “Earn”.  4Life products and business has such power!

Seiichi Yamashiro



Yamashiro-san had a big health concern to find Transfer Factor.  He had such an open mind to accept and believe in products.  He overcame the sickness and is here now.  He takes meeting people very positively and never forgets gratitude for anything.  He always brings continuous laugh to every meeting he attends.  I hope to work together to deliver 4Life products to as many people as possible.

Masumi Ouchi

Predisential Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team Apprentice