Mrs. Nobuko Pratt – Diamond

Mrs. Nobuko Pratt


I found 4Life when I was looking for supplements for my sick mother.  Now I am a big fan of TF safely taken by children to seniors.  I have small children.  I drink Energy! to keep up with my children.  My dream is to be a bridge between Japan and Canada spreading this huge possibility of 4Life products in Canada.

Nobuko Pratt



Nobuko-san is currently having such a busy life with children, house work, her regular job and her volunteer work.  She is always cheerful and positive.  She is such a powerful and kind mother.

We have started working together for 4Life with her power.  She quickly achieved to a Diamond Rank in 7 months.  She is a wonderful person to be able to understand and act our Team Bond system quickly.  We cannot forget that her wonderful husband has been very cooperative with Nobuko-san.  He is such a great example.  The circumstances can be ideal with all of understanding, actions and cooperation.  I am expecting her as a future Canadian top leader with her actions.

I feel grateful to be able to working with her and receiving her energy every day.

Masumi  Ouchi

Presidential Diamond